One of the most important challenges of rubber and tire producers is the replacement of extender oils, which contain polycyclic aromatic components (PAC), with environmental friendly oils. At present, common aromatic process oils are suspected to have carcinogenic effects. Appropriate alternative process oils, which comply with the upcoming directives, are MES (Mild Extraction Solvate) or TRAE (Treated Residual Aromatic Extract) and TDAE.

TDAE(Treated Distillate Aromatic Extract) is a green rubber oil (natural friendly oil) with a high aromatic content, environmental protection, non-toxic, non-carcinogenic characteristics, can be used as a substitute for existing aromatic oil. This environment friendly process oil is used as a softening additive in the process of vulcanization of natural rubber and as a component of rubber compounds. Its high viscosity gravity constant (vgc) leads to the reduction in heat buildup and rotational resistance during the usage of tires. Such characteristics enable our TDAE to be used in the production of high quality tire and rubbers.




  • Good abrasion resistance 
  • Good low temperature flexibility
  • Low amounts of waste tires in the process
  • Good resistance to reversion 
  • Save fuel and energy consumption
  • Extend tires life time
  • Low environmental impact
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